• Predictive Analytics

    Leverage behavioral predictions about human decision making
  • Pricing Simulators

    Easily test any number of what-if scenarios to find the best combination
  • Strategic Polling

    Discover key indicators that make the strategic difference
  • Comprehensive

    Statistical Consulting and Market Research Services
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  • Multivariate Solutions is a full service statistical consultancy dedicated to delivering innovative, actionable, data-driven solutions and top line presentations for profitable decision-making, in clear, visual reports.
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  • Multivariate Solutions fully manages market research projects, from questionnaire development, data collection and processing, sophisticated multivariate work, top line presentations, through final report.
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  • The extensive amount of actionable information contained in any political poll requires accurate professional analysis to reveal hidden and overlooked key indicators that make the strategic difference.
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Apple Swift Marketing Campaign Analysis

Predictive Simulators

  • Restaurant Visits
  • Purchase Intent
  • Menu Revenue Simulator
Maximum Difference Choice Simulator shows the increase in visits to Sloppy Joe's American Diner if they offer various specials to their frequent customers. The increases in visitation are calculated by using Maximum Difference Analysis and forming a choice model. Email us to request a copy of the simulator.
Olive Oil Conjoint Purchase Intent Simulator is by far the most interesting aspect of Conjoint Analysis. This gives you the ability to “predict” the market share of new products and concepts that may not exist today. This also gives you the ability to measure the “Gain” or “Loss” in market share based on changes to existing products in the given market. Email us to request a copy of the simulator.
Jimmy's Italian Deli Menu Simulator allows Jimmy’s Italian Deli to project its profit gain or loss from raising and lowering prices on individual items. The model is created by using simulated online menus where respondents order from up to 5 different menus. The menu simulator allows restaurants to test what will happen to their bottom line if they raise or lower the prices on certain items. Email us to request a copy of the simulator.

Political Polling

  • How Nate Silver Did It
  • Steering the Vote Case Study
  • Political Branding
map The article How Nate Silver Did It looks at how probabilistic models, which use weighted averages to predict election outcomes, can be used in state and local races as well as in presidential ones.
Steering the Vote - The Case of the Oglala Sioux Casino explains how regression analysis can indicate which issues in a referendum campaign motivate supporters and which move voters to become supporters.
Finding and Measuring Your Vision Thing – Political Branding: How to Manage It and Help Your Candidates Win is an article in Politics Magazine that discussing how to position your candidate’s brand.


  • Mean Drop Summary Analysis
  • Multidimensional Scaling Maps
  • Multidimensional Preference Maps
Mean Drop Summary Analysis is a graphic that relates “just-about-right” (JAR) variable responses to reference variables such as overall liking in sensory/consumer research. Penalty, or mean drop, analysis is a tool used by market researchers and product developers to gain an understanding of the product attributes that most affect the Read More
Multidimensional Scaling Maps transforms consumer judgments of similarity into a two-dimensional space, forming groups such as which products customer would purpose at a supermarket or the causes and effects of climate change. Read More
Multidimensional Preference Maps can visually depict such queries as ‘What underlying dimensions characterize how consumers view the products?’ or ‘What is the competitive set associated with the new concept?’. Read More

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Elections eBook

Michael Lieberman's practical ebook, Giving You The Edge - The Science of Winning Elections, identifies and explains the use of key research methodology and multivariate analysis in supporting political campaign goals through the various stages of an election, including a summary chart matching objectives, analytical techniques and results.