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    Data mining, presentation and interpretation of results, and social network visualizations.

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Statistical Experts
Branding is the process of making products and companies into brands — the consistent and disciplined way a company communicates a brand’s essence to the public.
The most suitable method for predicting human decision-making estimating consumers’ willingness to pay for quality improvements in multiple dimensions.
An actionable and action oriented approach, our customer satisfaction research techniques help build customer loyalty, market share and competitive advantage.
Multivariate Solutions is an acknowledged leader in market segmentation, and we continue to advance the art by ensuring that the tools are agile and usefully applied.
Multivariate Solutions is a leader in pharmaceutical analytics and market research, with actionable results and based on an intimate knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry.
Solutions discovers often hidden and overlooked, yet key indicators, that ultimately make the difference in the survey results and the overall campaign strategic outlook.
The most effective quantitative approach addresses a wide range of research, such as customers’ willingness to pay, price sensitivity, and perception of value.
Multivariate Solutions provides detailed food service and restaurant industry market research with viable, actionable multivariate techniques, visuals, and reports.
Multivariate Solutions presents clear, actionable visual approaches that help our clients interact with their data and discover the ‘Ah Ha’ data moments in each individual project.
Recent Publications

The Strategic Value of Regression Analysis in Marketing Research explores the strategic importance of regression analysis to shed light on its diverse applications and benefits. Included are several different case studies to help bring the concept to life.

The article Effective Tools for People Analytics demonstrates that Deductive reasoning emerges as a superior instrument for human resource measurement compared to direct questioning. While direct inquiry can complement deductive reasoning in certain situations, its limitations make it less suitable for human resource measurement’s complex and multifaceted task.

This Greenbook article explains deductive reasoning, a logical process of drawing conclusions from premises. Statistics can support this process when data analysis and evidence-based decision-making are required. Deductive Reasoning and Effective Market Research.

This Quirks Media article, Tips For Using Johnson’s Relative Weights Analysis, explains Johnson’s relative weights analysis, a technique used to evaluate how the response (dependent) variable relates to a set of predictors when those are correlated to each other.

Small big data is consumer information held by a company, which can be leveraged with analysis, as in this Quirk’s article: Using Self Organizing Maps to Segment Small Big Data.

Social Responsibility and Ranking Brands – A Maximum Difference Application looks at the increase in brands taking social responsibility.

The Foundations of Behavioral Economics is a user-friendly overview of behavioral economics and its relevance to the field of marketing.

In our article, The Decisiveness of Statistical Inference, we exhibit methods of measuring the accuracy of survey research to gauge brand equity, consumer sentiment, political polls, etc. In these cases we use probability samples to get our most accurate picture.

In our Greenbook blog post The Misrepresentation of Statistical Accuracy – Unethical, but Fraud?, we touch upon one of the most common areas of statistical misrepresentation, the reclassification rates of segmentation typing tools and discuss at what point do unethical practices turn into fraud?