Statistical Consulting

Multivariate Solutions is a full service statistical consultancy dedicated to delivering innovative, actionable, data driven solutions to classic questions that our clients require. Our clients want statistics explained in simple English using concrete examples to solve such issues as:

• How many of the new product are we going to sell in the next year?
• Does our competition make a better product than we do?
• How do we analyze and predict our markets?
• How do we measure and monitor our performance?
• Are our customers satisfied?
• How do we develop new products our customers want?
• How can we maximize the return on our investments?
• How do we categorize customers to tailor our message to maximize sales for each group?
• How do we get the most out of our research projects?

At Multivariate Solutions, we believe that statistics is, simply put, a numerical description of an event. We are the experts. It is our job to:
• Formulate the hypothesis.
• Determine the right sample size so that the findings accurately depict market realities.
• Design a survey that answers our clients’ research questions and goals.
• Tune up the methodology to add clarity to our clients’ projects.
• Present results clearly utilizing report-ready presentations, tables, and graphs.
• Understand and respond to our clients’ (and their clients) comments and questions.

Our statistical services are currently offered in three areas:
Statistical Consulting
Statistical Education
Data Management


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