Branding Strategy
Your Brand is the sum total of all that is known, thought, felt and perceived about your company, service or product. Branding, then, is the process of making products and companies into brands — the consistent and disciplined way a company communicates a brand’s essence to the public.

Consumers’ response to the brand revolves around the brand’s image. This makes the concept an essential input into marketing strategy since a positive, strong brand image will presumably lead to choosing a particular brand.

Below are examples of Multivariate Solutions Branding measurement approaches we have encountered, or developed for our use.

Branding Strategy Articles

This Quirks Media article, Tips For Using Johnson’s Relative Weights Analysis, explains Johnson’s relative weights analysis, a technique used to evaluate how the response (dependent) variable relates to a set of predictors when those are correlated to each other.

Brand Influencer Techniques demonstrates methodology for determining individuals and groups influencing a Brand’s decision makers’ perceptions and behaviors.

Corporate Image Chart is a graphic display of two-levels of regression which show Brand Images and Brand Drivers.

Political Correspondence Map is a snapshot of voters perceptions of a given political parties. This technique is effective when assessing many attributes with several brands or the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

A Compendium of Brand Measurement discusses various Branding measurements, such as Brand Awareness, Brand Image, Brand Equity, Brand Reputation, Brand Mindshare and Point Allocations.

Brand Equity and Discrete Choice Models as explained in this Quirk’s Magazine article, is an example of a method by which we are able to assign an exact dollar-value to a brand name and replicate brand performance is a real-world marketplace.

What’s in a Name? It all starts with a name. Just as each of us has a name at the core of our individual sense of identity, so brands have names as the basis of their visual and verbal identities. Specific methodology tests and validates naming choices.

Mining the Silent Evidence discusses intricacies of brand funnels and filters for discovering opportunities and consumer groups to target.