Apple’s Taylor Swift Marketing Campaign Analysis

Elections eBook

Michael Lieberman's practical ebook, Giving You The Edge - The Science of Winning Elections, identifies and explains the use of key research methodology and multivariate analysis in supporting political campaign goals through the various stages of an election, including a summary chart matching objectives, analytical techniques and results.

Using Hyperlink Networks to Data-mine the Web provides insights into leveraging accessible information for strategic marketing.

In this Quirk’s Marketing Research Review article, Life as an MR Consultant, Michael Lieberman describes the pros and cons of working on one’s own compared to a corporate position. The article also suggests ways to mitigate isolation and promote yourself.

The Project Conundrum, published in Research World, uses a choice modeling case study to demonstrate what can go wrong with marketing team magagement decisions.

Boosting Employee Retention with Predictive Analytics discusses how to increase business efficiency by using models to identify those employees most at risk of leaving a company.

Measuring and Using Employee Satisfaction, a piece that illustrates ‘Within human resources the dependent variable should not only be defined by the HR goals of the employer … It should also include an evaluation of the impact on customer satisfaction,’ outlines a data-driven method to predict which attitudes will lower employee turnover.

Loyalty ROI – Maximizing Loyalty Points examines Loyalty programs and discusses a forecast method to maximize their point value.

Managing Sideways – A Guide to When Things Go Wrong, published in Research World Magazine, is a case study of issues such as sub-contracting, project creep, and indecisive clients.

The article in Admap Magazine, Loyalty is the Big Enchilada, discusses how raising their Net Promoter Score can exponentially increase visit frequency and sales for restaurants and retail outlets.

tgif-150x150Grow Restaurant Dining Visits, in Admap Magazine, contrasts brand ratings with operational attributes to determine which factors are most important for increasing visits.

How the Performance Score Can Simplify Data examines a wide range of data can be simplified.