Tabulations and Data Analysis
A cross tabulation (often abbreviated as cross tab) displays the joint distribution of two or more variables.

They are usually presented as a contingency table in a matrix format, often with each survey question in the stub, and banners to be analyzed across the top.

Our tabulations are delivered in Microsoft Word so that our clients are not required to purchase additional cross-tabulation software. We also provide open-ended coding services.


Visualization of data networks, social media, industry structure, people analysis and organizational structures and enormous translation data is now coming online to make sense of the data deluge and convey the results of analyses through emerging, open-source programs.

Network analysis expands our core competencies such as cooperative organizational networks, brand narratives, pricing, strategic messaging, and workforce Monte Carlo projections.

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Multivariate Solutions was featured on the Research Business Daily Report on the subject of the agile use of network analysis for social networks and collaboration.