Tabulations and Data Analysis

A cross tabulation (often abbreviated as cross tab) displays the joint distribution of two or more variables.

Apple’s Taylor Swift Marketing Campaign Analysis

Elections eBook

Michael Lieberman's practical ebook, Giving You The Edge - The Science of Winning Elections, identifies and explains the use of key research methodology and multivariate analysis in supporting political campaign goals through the various stages of an election, including a summary chart matching objectives, analytical techniques and results.

CROPharma Investigator Study Tabulations showcases Fisher’s LSD (Least Significant Difference) and Chi-square testing.

Independent Sample T-Test for Consumer Product Attributes highlights the differences in a consumer product between those with high purchase intent and those with low purchase intent.

Jack’s Barbecue Communication Study Tabulations include all statistical tests, such as means, percentages, and chi-square.

They are usually presented as a contingency table in a matrix format, often with each survey question in the stub, and banners to be analyzed across the top.

Our tabulations are delivered in Microsoft Word so that our clients are not required to purchase additional cross-tabulation software. We also provide open-ended coding services.