Pharmaceutical Analytics
It takes genuine marketing research experience, coupled with an intimate knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry, to deliver what our clients need. Our clients expect actionable results and rigorous quality standards to deliver sound marketing decision support.

Multivariate Solutions is a leader in pharmaceutical analytics and market research. Among the most common techniques are:
• Experimental Design
• Optimization
• Global Brand Image Study
• Pharmaceutical Market Segmentation
• Brand Extension Launch
• Global New Product Market Assessment
• Response Surface Modeling
• Pharmaceutical Conjoint/Trade-off Analysis
• Regression Analysis
• Discriminant Analysis

Pharmaceutical Analytics Articles

Pharmaceutical Exponential Probability Simulator calculates the probability of purchase of given product by two separate people from one of more than 20 subgroups and numerous product levels. This output is generated from a multidimensional discrete choice model. The percentage likelihood of purchase is the exponential of the fitted model for any of the 20 subgroups. Email us to request a copy of the simulator.

Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) is a statistical technique for testing and estimating relationships using a combination of statistical data and qualitative causal assumptions. Among its strengths is the ability to model constructs as latent variables.