As mentioned in our recent article in Greenbook, Game Theory Market Research and Divorce, game theory models are now accessible to the marketing researcher. Moreover, core skills utilized in qualitative research are perfectly suited to enter this lucrative consulting market.

The article Effective Tools for People Analytics demonstrates that Deductive reasoning emerges as a superior instrument for human resource measurement compared to direct questioning. While direct inquiry can complement deductive reasoning in certain situations, its limitations make it less suitable for human resource measurement’s complex and multifaceted task.

This Greenbook article explains deductive reasoning, a logical process of drawing conclusions from premises. Statistics can support this process when data analysis and evidence-based decision-making are required. Deductive Reasoning and Effective Market Research.

This Quirks Media article, Tips For Using Johnson’s Relative Weights Analysis, explains Johnson’s relative weights analysis, a technique used to evaluate how the response (dependent) variable relates to a set of predictors when those are correlated to each other.

The article, published on, Why I Fear the Wrath of the Statistical Gods, delves into the fascinating world of statistics and the apprehension that many individuals share – the fear of incurring the wrath of the statistical gods. Statistical gods can be seen as capricious, rewarding meticulous analysis and methodological rigor, while punishing those who venture into the dangerous territories of data manipulation or misinterpretation

In our article, The Decisiveness of Statistical Inference, we exhibit methods of measuring the accuracy of survey research to gauge brand equity, consumer sentiment, political polls, etc. In these cases we use probability samples to get our most accurate picture.

In Advancing the Data Product, we navigate how a data company can take their inventory, collected
survey data, shopping history, or large consumer sentiment studies, and create a subscription
service. This is especially relevant as data companies seek to re-engage their vast amounts of historical data that has now become stale

Data Translators – The Must Have Role for the Future brings an interesting perspective to the existential angst of many market researchers – what should my job be in an age of big data and data science? Our conception of a role of “data translator” is an intriguing one, and plays to certain historical strengths of market researchers.