Apple’s Taylor Swift Marketing Campaign Analysis

Elections eBook

Michael Lieberman's practical ebook, Giving You The Edge - The Science of Winning Elections, identifies and explains the use of key research methodology and multivariate analysis in supporting political campaign goals through the various stages of an election, including a summary chart matching objectives, analytical techniques and results.

Read a discussion of data analysis and permissions hypothesis in this article, Why Do Google Apps Want My Sensitive Data?

Pricing Research – A New Take on the Van Westendorp Model provides an instructive case study on revenue forecasting.

Design Conceptualization – Measuring Second Order Interactions describes a case study requiring creativity in market research design.

In this Quirk’s Marketing Research Review article, Don’t Forget the Graphic! Multidimensional Scaling, Michael Lieberman describes in which cases multidimensional scaling should be the visual of choice.

Satisfying Stats – How Numbers Helped a Diner Optimize its Menu describes the process of planning and developing the methodology, and presenting the results, for a study ranking menu item popularity.

Multivariate Pricing, published in Research World Magazine, explains how to base prices on consumers’ perception of value.

Improve Your Research Reporting With Visual Mapping provides details on how to use graphics to visually summarize survey data in an easy-to-understand presentation of complex results.

The Price Toolbox is an article published in Admap Magazine summarizing various pricing methods and their effectiveness.

Multivariate Pricing, published in Research World Magazine, explains how to base prices on consumers’ perception of value.

Enhanced Customer Segmentation – Targeting the Golden Egg is an application of multi-dimensional cluster analysis and water-fall direct marketing techniques.

The Power of Segmentation examines the price differences various segments of drivers are willing to pay for gasoline.

Segmenting the Burger Market is a key communication strategy for the fast-food industry.

Design Performance – The Kano Model, published in Quirk’s Marketing Research Review, offers insight into product attributes perceived to be important to customers. The purpose of the tool is to support product specification and discussion through better development team understanding on differentiating product features, as opposed to focusing initially on customer needs, then forming strategic communications to meet those needs.

Recession Lessons: How Research Buyers and Suppliers Can Cope was published in Quirk’s Marketing Research Review

How Research Can Find The Truth About Respondents’ Bad Behavior addresses how to collect accurate data which is subject to social desirability pressures.

Tacos in Tel Aviv, published in Quirk’s Marketing Research Review, demonstrates how a Monte Carlo simulation analyzed the primary survey research in a market forecast feasibility study about bringing a chain of upscale Mexican restaurants to Israel’s Silicon Valley.

Cruise ship accidents lead to increases in customer inquiries because they expect bargain rates. Counterintuitive Marketing, published in Research World Magazine, describes additional examples of this phenomenon.